Your Total Satisfaction Is Our Promise

What Makes The Thomas Promise?

1. Transparent And Upfront Pricing

At Thomas, we clearly display the actual selling price of every car we sell right upfront. What that means is that everyone gets the same great deal and you don’t have to negotiate.

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2. Your Salesperson Is NOT Paid A Percentage

At Thomas dealerships, since we put our prices on the cars upfront, it makes it easy for us to pay our salespeople not on the price you pay, but instead on the number of cars they sell and their customer satisfaction ratings.

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3. Real Cash For Your Car

Whether you buy a car from Thomas out not, we give you real cash for your old car. We separate the transactions, ensuring the cash you receive is a real number.

4. Find The Right Car

5. Save With “Smart” Financing

6. Protect Your Resale Value

7. Your Safety First