Upfront and Transparent Pricing

October 11, 2016
Posted by: Mark Thomas

Having been involved in the car business personally since 1977, I can’t tell you how many times a customer has said to me, “Just give me your best price.” While I know a few folks that actually enjoy playing the negotiating game on cars and trucks, we have found that the overwhelming number don’t.

Therefore, at Thomas, we clearly display the actual selling price of every car we sell right upfront. What that means is that everyone gets the same great deal and you don’t have to negotiate. No hassle, no haggling. Instead, we’ll share with you how we determined the price as well as actual comparisons of prices of similar vehicles, so you can see right there and then how good the price actually is. If we wouldn’t take great care with our market research when setting the price, we wouldn’t sell many vehicles, so we really have to make sure the upfront prices are very, very competitive.

The practice of negotiation-free selling is growing, but there are still many dealers who try to maximize the price for each vehicle they sell based on the negotiating skills, or lack thereof of their customers. So when you realize that the price that they are asking is not the actual price, you always have to wonder if you got the best price you could.