How Long is Forever?

October 7, 2014
Posted by: Thomas Automotive Family

The saddest words I hear from someone who just bought a car or truck from us is, “This is the last car I am going to buy.” or almost as sad, “I am going to run the wheels off this truck.

In reality, the average automobile owner now keeps a car or truck for about 6 years and drives about 15,000 miles per year. The quick math is 90,000 miles.

Also, right now, the average odometer of all the cars and trucks on the road is over 100,000 miles. For this reason, every used car or used truck with under 100,000 miles that we sell in Pennsylvania either comes with Drive Forever or is Factory Certified.

Drive Forever covers the engine and transmission of eligible vehicles for as long as you own it and follow the factory recommended service schedule.

We do not offer Drive Forever at our Maryland dealership, but other worry-free maintenance programs are available.