What and Why: Wheel Alignment

June 27, 2014
Posted by: Thomas Automotive Family

One of the most common and important vehicle maintenance services across all brands is the “wheel alignment” service. Unfortunately, this important service is often ignored, leading to more expensive services later in the vehicles lifespan. So what is an alignment? An alignment is a standard service that consists of using a precision camera to measure the angles of the wheel and tire, checking for a tilt or irregular angles of caster, camber, or toe. These imperfections can cause your vehicle to track to the side, leading to excessive tire wear, and reduce your vehicle’s gas mileage along with degrading handling capabilities. Any angle measurements that are out of manufacturer specifications are adjusted back into proper guidelines.

Alignments should be performed regularly, but may also need to be done after rough impact with curbs, stones, and potholes, which can take your tires out of alignment.

For a visual representation, check out this clip from Hunter Engineering: